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joi, 25 ianuarie 2007

bed for love

we had a bed for love and now there's just a bed for two....honey they don't fix love on tv.

6 comentarii:

  1. Honey,MOBEXPERT or LOVE HOTEL TOKYO?:)cand stai mai prost cu simtul artistic(cel putin in cazul meu) acolo te duce gandul. joking...anyway...superbe culorile si lumina.brava!!!

  2. Iti atasez link-ul aici ,unde veni vb despre "Love hotel" http://pauldeluna.com DOUBLE click on documentary(it's tricky) -"love boat tokyo" + "j-streets" .Then,i'll see WHY!

  3. .you know they say in every man's life,there comes a time when you get struck by the arrow of Cupid,by the love of God,or by the beauty of a woman....sing about it,

  4. Pe mine ma duce cu gandul la tandrete poza asta.