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miercuri, 7 februarie 2007

Dancing in the Sun

3 comentarii:

  1. I am interested to see the pure pictures. Just that feeling that these last 3 pics have a bit too much the touch of photoshop. I wonder if that was needed.

  2. heey, sometimes you have to feed them also :))
    check this page and the rest of her works (sure you'll like them)

    P.S. They were the only things that took me away when I was there.. to my home.. to my sea...
    Every time I saw one, circle and swoop in the sky, I was happy like a child - I was at home...
    But now, (unexpectedly as usual) -
    at home, near my sea
    I have that ''moment'', captured for ever, in a photograph.
    A heart-felt Thank You